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What makes a women’s jacket special?

A good jacket is like a useful jewel – it makes the wearer glow. Forget necklaces and earrings, it’s the jacket that makes your outfit perfect – at least if you pick the one that perfectly compliments you. The reason behind this is maybe that choosing an appropriate jacket is much harder than choosing any other clothing. Styles, colours, length, fabrics, etc. vary on such a wide scale that there’s no shopping spree extensive enough to cast all doubts away about which one to choose. That’s why our staff does the most thorough of selections every now and then to find the best pieces available on the market at reasonable prices.

Our selection of women’s jackets

The jackets you see here are all made of the finest material and are designed by the most talented individuals in the world – so you don’t have to roam around the shops only to find merely kitschy and low-quality apparel at high prices. Choose any of them any you will definitely be delighted by your decision.

About the brands

Full Circle: A smart and stylish attitude combined with chic designs, our Full Circle women’s jackets fulfill are requirements as far as neatness is concerned. They are for women of all age groups who still feel young by heart and want to express this youthfulness.

Inwear: Launched at the end of the sixties, Inwear is a brand of huge international success for the modern woman. Determined by individuality and neatness, their designs are as adequate to be worn on an average day as on special occasions due to their high standard and the uncompromising quality of the fabrics and the design.

Jam: As a forerunner of elegance combined with class, Jam is a producer of spruce and well-groomed goods while staying well beyond the affordable price category. If you want to feel and look effortlessly sublime, make sure that you opt for the women’s jackets of Jam, all made of the highest quality fabrics with searching care.

Laundry Room: In between being girlish and womanly, the jackets of Laundry room are sightly, prominent, vintage and trendy, representing firm individuality and an exquisite taste.

Lee: Traditional looks and hard-wearing fabrics with soft linings determine the Lee garments. They might not be the most feminine, but they are definitely the ones you want to wear if you find yourself out on a cold night. Ideal for trekking, skiing, or to other adventures, but can also represent an unswerving and self-made woman.

Soaked in Luxury: As its name suggests, Soaked in Luxury is a producer of women’s jackets that represent some kind of feminine finesse, with smart, gently-toned colour schemes and pleasant details. Elegance and coolness are not considered opposites by the brand, they try to combine the two in some sort of immaculate harmony – and they usually succeed.

Additional information

Please keep in mind that our staff is at your disposal at all times if you have any kind of question. Just get in touch on or call 01743 289400 so that we can help you with your problem, whatever that might be.

Note that you don’t have to be afraid that the piece you order might be imperfect or unfitting because if you return it in its original conditions in two weeks, we will be more than happy to refund it or exchange it to a more favourable one.

Also, always makes sure to return every other day as we offer sales and discounts in every category, including women’s jackets.

Delivery and shipping

Any given order is sent by standard first class recorded delivery to the UK and Ireland, which will arrive in 2-4 days, but if you place your order before 2PM, your package is likely to arrive on the very next working day. Those who live abroad will be informed about the shipping when you check your cart out. If you still have any issues concerning the delivery, please contact us on the aforementioned e-mail address or telephone number (for international calls, please note that the code of England is +44). Also, make sure to take a look at our delivery information page (

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