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The renaissance of women’s dresses

A dress is, and will always be the ultimate clothing for women. Classy and neat, while lightsome and straightforward, dresses will never go out of fashion, although are subjects to continuous change. There are of course many types available on the market, formal or casual, conservative or progressive, simple or complex, but it’s no wonder that female protagonists are likely to be portrayed in one – they represent innocence and serene finesse.

Women’s dresses in our selection

Our collection of women’s dresses consists of more than a hundred beauties from a dozen of manufacturers, and any of them is a masterpiece in itself. Made only with the best and softest of fabrics, they are the very incarnations of comfort. Trousers and tops are garments that are good to express some kind of feminine pride, but getting a dress on every now and then not only proves a distinguished taste, but also transmits refinement and class.

About the brands

Eucalyptus: A brand new British clothing company, who describe themselves as creators of individual and feminine fashion with a bit of quirkiness. Lead by their innovative sense of style, the brand has conquered three continents in just ten years!

Ceci Tokyo: A brand whose clothes are much like a Japanese cherry tree: movingly beautiful in their jauntiness.

Dranella: A traditional Scandinavian fashion brand for the feminine and self-confident women without age.

Fairground: A producer that combines perfectly the traditional values with the modern styles to manufacture women’s dresses of impeccable stylishness.

Full Circle: A brand launched in 1996, inspired by architecture and other forms of fine art to create dresses that are dazzlingly smart and beauteous.

Inwear: Gorgeous clothes and affordable prices determine Inwear, a producer of traditional knee-length women’s dresses with a pinch of temerity.

Laundry room: A feminine and smart brand, producing neat dresses for anyone who is young, or is feeling youthful.

Lee: Known for its hard-wearing jeans, Lee is actually a producer of the finest and lightest when it comes to dresses, while keeping its unique style.

Mina UK: A fresh brand with some vintage looks and a bit of feminism, starting to get famous and popular for its forward-thinking fashion and unique style.

People’s market: A designer brand of Dexter Wong, People’s market is a youthful clothing that mixes the styles of history with smartness and playfulness.

Soaked in Luxury: Elegant but spectacular, the dresses of Soaked in Luxury are fit for nearly any occasion (if you can withstand the envious glances), while being unbelievably soft and comfortable.

Sugarhill Boutique: A British brand inspired by the fashions of different civilisations, Sugarhill Boutique produces women’s dresses with thorough detailing and vintage shapes.

Additional information

If any questions would arise concerning our clothes or accessories, please make sure you get in touch with our customer service on sales@purple-oval.co.uk or on the number 01743 289400. Never be disappointed if the order that arrived to you is for some reason flawed or not appropriate in size. Just send it back to us and we’ll be more than happy to exchange it to something else or refund it completely.

Purchase and shipping

If you like surprises, come back to our website as often as possible because we offer sales of women’s dresses every other day. Just place your order and we will send you the product as soon as possible. If you live in the UK or Ireland, orders made before 2PM will be dispatched the same day, so they can arrive to you at the very next one. For more information on domestic and international shipping, please visit our delivery information page (http://www.purple-oval.co.uk/delivery-information/), or get in touch with us on one of the aforementioned channels.

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