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The fantastic story of the Ugg boots

Ugg was founded in 1978 by Brian Smith, when he started to sell his sheepskin boots an the sunny coasts of California, and success was fast to come by. The fact that they were first popular among the surfer community and then in the ski-lovers shows how versatile and comfortable they are. They soon became more than just a type of footwear – the owners started to feel one with the boots in a short amount of time. It was in the nineties that the whole world took notice of the fabulous boots of Ugg thanks to some celebrities, and the change of lifestyle at the time to a more relaxed and carefree one. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Why should you choose Ugg?

One of the best things about these sheepskin boots is that they can be completely womanly while worn in any kind of weather. Due to their fantastic attributes, it would not be a surprise if these boots soon were on par with the traditionally most prevalent pieces of footwear like leather boots or sneakers in terms of popularity. The world is only starting to realise the potential that lies within the products of Ugg, so make sure you acquire your very own one before the masses start to attack the shops for them in even greater numbers. Soon after your purchase you will not be able to imagine how were you able to live your life without owning a pair of these wonderfully crafted products.

But that’s not all. Ugg also offers other kinds of footwear, including variations made with or without sheepskin. They also follow the principles of the company, meaning they are comfortable, lightsome, and effortlessly spectacular.

Wear Ugg boots on every occasion

The boots are fit to be worn on any kind of casual occasion including a day on the beach or a walk in the park on a winter afternoon with your partner. They do not only represent a relaxed attitude, they even make you feel more open, more peaceful. They reduce stress and enhance exhilaration, all while replacing nearly all of your existing shoes with maybe the exception of the high heels (but our selection of Ugg footwear consists of footwear for more formal events as well).

Additional information

We are at your disposal for any kind of information you might need about the boots of Ugg, please just e-mail us on or call 01743 289400 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t forget that any piece of footwear that you didn’t find appropriate is refunded or exchanged. Just send it back to us in two weeks’ time after the purchase in its original condition. For more information on our returns policy, visit this page: Note that we make sure to hold and Ugg sale every now and than to please our fantastic customers.

Delivery and shipping

The domestic deliveries to the United Kingdom and Ireland are done through standard first class recorded delivery, usually meaning that your apparel will arrive in four days at most, but if you place your order in time you (before 2PM), you have a great chance that it will arrive as soon as the next working day.

Our international shipping is very advanced as well, you will most definitely find the country of residence on our list where we ship. If against all odds you live somewhere that is not on the list when you check out, please contact us on the number or e-mail address indicated above. Also make sure you visit our delivery information page: (


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