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Women’s Skirts

Skirts are maybe the most versatile pieces of clothing a woman can have. One can be the most conservative garment you own while another the most audacious. As the symbols of womanliness and gracefulness, they are of particular importance for any woman to express their personality and consciousness.

Although the last few years saw the takeover of the trousers at the expense of skirts, experts now say that the trend for the latter is on the rise again. Not only they are usually much more comfortable than jeans for example, studies show that they are at least as appealing for men while women consider their fellow women in skirts (of proper length) more sympathetic.

Our collection only includes skirts that are not overly coquettish, but neither too conservative. They are like every skirt should be like: foxy, discerning and classy.

Women’s Trousers

Trousers might be a bit less versatile than skirts, but they still have plenty of potential in them to express your personality. As a white ones usually transmit confidence and black ones serenity, a vivid red can represent rampancy and so on (of course greatly depending on many other factors such as style, pattern or the way wear it).

The selection of women’s trousers we offer beats most of the fanciest shops in terms of quality, so that you only have to settle for those you find completely to your liking.

About the Brands

Full circle: Smart and distinguished young brand inspired by nearly all forms of art to establish a style that is neat and youthful, Full Circle produces women’s skirts and trousers that ooze class and individuality.

Jam: Mainly producing women’s shorts, Jam represents the season of summer with all its joyfulness and warmth. The perfect outfit to be worn on a warm night on the beach walking with your loved one.

Inwear: The brand that maybe represents the modern woman in her very complexity, Inwear clothing is neat and carefully designed to be just as comfortable as trendy with the best fabrics but still at an affordable price.

Soaked in Luxury: No brand matches Soaked in Luxury in terms of womanliness and elegance. Their women’s trousers are especially smart and classy with a strong emphasis on the harmony of the fabric and the style.

Eucalyptus: Wondrously British yet emphatically cosmopolitan, the clothes of Eucalyptus are the very definitions of shrewd individuality. Their clothes represent a golden mean between the traditional values and the resolve that typifies the modern woman.

Additional information

If you have questions about our women’s trousers and skirts, for example on washing and ironing, sizes, or about Purple Oval, please get in touch on or by phone on 01743 289400, and our staff help you in anything within their capabilities.

Also if for some reason the product that you received is inappropriate, we will exchange or refund it, just send it back to us in its original condition within two weeks.

Purchase and Privacy

Visit our site often if you don’t want to miss the huge sales we frequently surprise our customers with. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the data you disclose on our website is safe, we make sure to keep it private. Please also visit the page about our privacy policy (

Delivery and Shipping

For those residing in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the delivery is made through standard first class, which is recorded and is completed within 2-4 days. If your order was made before 2PM, it is likely that your package will arrive on the next day unless it’s national holiday or weekend.

If you wish to order from abroad, follow the standard checking out procedure with your cart, as we ship to most of the countries in the world. But don’t worry if you don’t see your residence on the list – just contact our staff on or telephone +44 01743 289400 to work out the problem. Also, make sure to take a look at our delivery information page (

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