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The development of women’s jeans

From a forbidden piece of clothing to a symbol of the fight for emancipation and to one of the most significant elements of fashion, women’s jeans have become one of the most important clothes of the feminine wardrobes. Nearly everyone has many of them, but sadly only few of them are satisfied with their looks in them. Choosing one is especially hard since every body shape requires different fabric, style and colour. Either you’re not completely satisfied with your physique or with the length of your legs, etc. you have to choose one that complements your strengths and hides your (real or imaginary) weaknesses. That’s why we offer the products of maybe the four best contemporary manufacturers of women’s jeans.

Women’s jeans in our selection

Choosing the right pair of jeans can be tricky at times, that’s why we provide you with all the information about the cutting and the sizes of all products we offer. If you fell in love with one, but you are afraid that it might not fit you, don’t worry – if you’re not satisfied with it, just send it back and we will be glad to refund you or change it to one that suits you better.

About the brands:

Full Circle: A designer clothing established in the nineties characterised by a firmly sexy attitude and the collaboration of many forms of art. Chic and smart, the clothes of Full Circle transmit confidence and subtlety. Directly arriving from the stylish elite of Los Angeles, these jeans represent the most coveted pieces of clothing on the west coast of the United States. Tara Winter, the founder of the brand is a leading designer in Hollywood, having created clothes for many A-list stars and celebrities over the years.

Lee: Not only one of the most authentic producer of jeans on the planet, but also a leading innovator in styles and colours, Lee is one of the most important brands on the market. By frequently updating the styles of jeans they offer, they help women who think all trousers unfitting to them to eventually find a style that flatters them well. They are also rightfully claimed as the brand that only works with durable fabrics, but by innovation these materials are not only rugged, but also soft and comfortable on the inside.

Soaked in Luxury: A designer brand that is well-known for its fantastic range of colours, soft fabrics and vibrant styles. Definitely one of the most exciting brands on the market right now, Soaked in Luxury offers women’s jeans that can stay classy while being sexy and urban.

Additional information

If any questions came up, feel free to contact our customer support via e-mail on or phone on 01743 289400. We’re more than happy to provide you with any additional information you desire.

Women’s jeans sales and discounts are frequent in our webshop, so make sure you come by every other day to check our fantastic temporary offers.

If against all odds the merchandise we’ve sent you is in some way damaged or you just do not find to your liking, just send it back by return of post in two weeks of its original purchase date, and we will refund or exchange it.

Delivery and shipping

The way we send the packages inside the UK or to Ireland is standard first class delivery which arrives in 2-4 days after the order was placed. Keep in mind that only the offers made before 2PM are sure to be dispatched on the same day, so if you are in a hurry, opt to order it in the first part of the day.

For our international customers, information is detailed on our delivery information page ( but you will be able to find the conditions of shipping when you are processing with your checkout. If you find the data given insufficient, please contact us on the aforementioned e-mail address or telephone +44 01743 289400 and our staff will be there to help you out.


We would like to ensure you that any information you are required to give on our website is kept according to the operative legislation of the UK, and the EU. If you want additional info on the matter, visit our page on the topic (

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