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Tootal Scarves

Tootal was first started in England in 1845, still going strong today the brand has firmly established itself as a piece of british heritage. Throughout history the Tootal scarf has always been a staple of fashion and is the 'go to' choice in luxury mens scarves holding appeal with both sharply dressed gentlemen and indie hipsters alike.

Our online collection of Tootal scarves range from the classic retro paisley to the vintage mod style polkadot patterns. Although it's one of the oldest british brands around today - its also changed with the times producing new versions of the classic style that still retain the core of the brands heritage whilst offering fresh designs. As anyone whos worn a Tootal scarf, luxury quality has always been a staple of what Tootal offer and this applies to everything they produce with the finest quality Silk and Rayton the materials of choice.

Tootal Background

The brand was registered in the UK first in 1799 - after almost a hundred years they relocated to a victorian warehouse built just for Tootal on Manchester's Oxford Street, this became their warehouse for many years to come. In the years of World War 2 Tootal was commissioned to produce clothing for the UK military, here their range of scarves became somewhat of a desirable fashion accessory after gaining popularity with the RAF pilots of that era. Throughout the 60's and 70's the Tootal scarf would once again rise to prevalence through its popularity with famous Mods and scenesters of the time.

Tootals bespoke fabrics

Although the brand is known largely for their eclectic range of Mens Scarves Tootal also produced a range of menswear and manufactured its own line of bespoke fabrics through the Tootal fabrics company which still operates today out of Stockport in greater Manchester.

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