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The greatness of men’s shorts

Whether you are obsessively elegant all the time or not, shorts are an irreplaceable piece of clothing in the summer. A real symbol of warm weather and therefore of joy and rollick, shorts cannot only be elegant and trendy, the very fact that you’re wearing one can lift your mood substantially by bringing back the good memories.

Styles vary on a wide scale and most men have their favourites according to their taste and body shape. The men’s shorts in our selection tick all the boxes of requirements a great piece of clothing has to tick and more. Remember that dressing according to the current season is not only important for comfort, but also for hygiene and mood. Perspiring on the public transportation on a hot July afternoon in a jeans you also wore in December can greatly affect your spirit, and not in a positive way. You will get fretful more easily, feel less motivated – thus a badly chosen piece of clothing can become a real annoyance for yourself as well as the people around you. The feeling of the caressing wind on your calves on the other hand can help you put away the nuisances of everyday life and just enjoy the days of warmth.

Our selection of shorts

From our most colourful and frisky ones to those fit to be worn even in a modern office, our collection of men’s shorts will invite you to refresh your wardrobe with many kinds of beauties. Never underestimate the power of a well-chosen piece of clothing – if you feel well in it, you will seem more relaxed, balanced, and your environment will notice the change. It’s really hard to throw off the worries of everyday life, but with little things like a catchy song, the smile of a cute girl or the feeling of being leisurely, but properly dressed can help considerably, so choose wisely and rejoice over the positive effects.

Men’s shorts brands in our selection

Napapijri: A clothing influenced by many cultures, Napapijri pays particular attention to the quality and durability of its clothes. Although primarily known for its winter apparel, during the previous years the brand started to offer casual and swimming shorts that more than match those made by traditionally summer-specialized producers in terms of both looks and nature.

Original Penguin: As a producer of apparel for the world’s most illustrious sport that is golf, Original Penguin is used to the constantly high expectations towards its new collections, and it usually vaults them with glowing references. Elegance and class at its best.

Carhartt: Casual clothing with a hint of individuality, the men’s shorts by Carhartt are worn with pride by stylish men all around the world. Their popularity comes from the brand’s thorough understanding of the concept of distinctive simplicity.

Pretty Green: As the brand of extravagant singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher, it can be quite surprising how stylish and neat Pretty Green garments are. Their shorts are nothing short of flawless as far as craftsmanship is concerned.

Lee: In accordance with the traditional image of Lee, the shorts offered by the brand are durable and hard-wearing, but impressive in their severity.

Farah: The brand is arguably the forerunner of vintage wear, as noticeable in their fine outfits that are instant classics.

Additional information

For more information about men’s shorts please contact us on or by phone on 01743 289400 and we’ll be glad to provide it to you. If you still have doubts about purchasing something, remember that we exchange or refund any clothes sent back in their original condition in 14 days of their purchase date.

Purchase and Shipping

If you want to save some money, make sure that you check our website every now and then, because we frequently organise sales for our apparel including men’s shorts of course.

For UK and Ireland, the delivery is done in 2-4 days and it is recorded. For international shipping, please check the options we offer at the checkout page, or if you still have questions, please visit our detailed delivery information page ( or contact us on the aforementioned e-mail address or telephone number (the international code for numbers in the UK is +44.).


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