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Men’s T-shirts as a form of self-expression

Due to their simplistic style, leaving enormous room for self-expression, T-shirts are maybe the best indicators of a men’s personality and taste. That being said, it’s very hard to actually master how to send a message through the piece we wear. A T-shirt with a funny text might want to imply that its wearer is witty and humorous, but will most definitely end up transmitting unoriginality and shallowness. The same with simple, clear t-shirts – they are likely to allude to strong will and nonconformism instead of the dullness we might expect.

Choosing the right style and graphic or text for our men’s T-shirts is therefore a complicated process. Think about the t-shirt as a canvas and you will see what is appropriate and what is not. Kitsch, squeamishness and stolen wit should be avoided, while creativity and distinguished style celebrated.

Our selection of men’s T-shirts

During the selection process we make sure two things: that no unoriginal or inspiration-lacking T-shirts are offered, and that widespread apparel is eligible so that everyone can find the ones representing their personality and taste. Extensive or minimalist, playful or moderate, don’t be afraid to discover and emanate the depths of your personality. Especially if you’re not engaged in any form of art yourself, the things you wear can become your primary form of self-expression.

Does your taste leans towards the witty simplicity of Carhartt? Or the clear-cut elegance of Napapijri and Timberland? Maybe the playfulness of Humor? The coolness of Pretty Green or perhaps the smart vintage style of Realm and Empire? It doesn’t matter as long as you wear them with pride, and any of these t-shirts matches with any casual outfit, providing you with an effortlessly chic look.

About the brands:

Carhartt: Simplistic with a touch of uniqueness, the Carhartt leisure wear collection offers something special at a surprisingly affordable price.

Edwin: A delightful combination of the Japanese and Western cultures, Edwin is a brand possibly unmatched in individuality.

Farah: Vintage or modern, the tees from Farah transmit a firm message of high-toned vertu.

Humor: Undeniably the most strikingly witty brand out there nowadays.

Lee: A virile brand of the working men, made with distinguished craftsmanship.

Napapijri: Usually known for its rugged jackets, Napapijri is also a producer of simplistic but outstanding men’s t-shirts.

Pretty Green: Supervised by Liam Gallagher of Oasis, Pretty Green is just as fancy and cool as composed and smart.

Original Penguin: Reminiscences of their popular polo shirts of the fifties but also t-shirts to mark the new era, Original Penguin is a brand to satisfy all criteria.

Realm and Empire: A brand inspired by the first half of the century, especially the world wars, characterised by vintage illustrations and modern fabrics.

Weekend Offender: We offer a diverse and picturesque collection of men’s T-shirts by Weekend Offender, a brand known for its revolutionary ideas on fashion.

Worn By: Sheer rock and roll feeling for the rebel-hearted.

Additional information

For more information about men’s T-shirts please contact us on or by phone on 01743 289400 and we’ll be glad to provide it to you. If you still have doubts about purchasing something, remember that we exchange or refund any clothes sent back in their original condition in 14 days of their purchase date.

Purchase and Shipping If you want to save some money, make sure that you check our website every now and then as we frequently organise sales for our apparel including men’s shorts of course.

For UK and Ireland, the delivery is done in 2-4 days and it is recorded. For international shipping, please check the options we offer at the checkout page, or if you still have questions, please visit our detailed delivery information page ( or contact us on the aforementioned e-mail address or telephone number. The international code for numbers in the UK is +44.


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