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Shirts: eternal pieces of clothing

Shirts have survived the storm of centuries in a nearly unchanged fashion and we can safely presume that they are here to stay. A carefully chosen shirt is a jewel, fit for nearly any occasion from a fancy gala to a roadtrip. The sad era of mass produced and mindlessly purchased shirts is blissfully fading away now, and people are starting to get more conscious about the styles. They now tend to put more emphasis on the selection process, realizing that size, colour and pattern are not the only things to check if you want your outfit to appear elegant and slick.

Men’s shirts for any occasion

There are roughly four types of events as far as our outfits are concerned: formal, business formal, business casual and casual. A proper shirt fulfills the requirements for at least two of these through quality and design, but ideally any given casual or formal shirt should be appropriate for the occasions located in the middle. Picking your shirts wisely therefore means that you need to own less of them while getting more neat as far as elegance and stylishness are concerned.

Our men’s shirts collection

We offer shirts for any occasion with the exception of the most formal black-tie events, and the quality and design of the pieces in our collection means that the majority of these shirts fulfill the requirements for a dinner either with your partner or with the prime minister himself. Choose anything from our men’s shirts selection and you will not be disappointed – styles and patterns may vary, but excellence is ever-present.

About the brands

Carhartt: Modest in its grandeur, Carhartt offers men’s shirts for the ones with a sharp eye for design.

Edwin: Sometimes playful, sometimes serious, the only permanent feature of the Edwin shirts are their outstanding quality.

Humor: Outspoken in design and sharply witty, a Humor shirt is a must get for anyone dismayed by the lividity of everyday life.

Farah: A brand of elegance and class, presented in a youthful way.

Junk De Luxe: Witty and audacious, a casual brand ahead of its time.

Lee: For a brand known for its rugged clothes, you will be surprised how graceful their shirts are.

One True Saxon: Simplicity never equals tediousness, and this fact is attested perfectly by the men’s shirts of One True Saxon.

Original Penguin: Sometimes modest, now and then venturesome, but always stylish beyond reproach.

Pretty Green: Made by a rockstar for the rockstars-by-heart of everyday life.

Weekend Offender: The shirts of Weekend Offender are the very definitions of versatility, being just as elegant as they are cool.

Additional information

If you wish to know more about the men’s shirts, such as information washing and ironing, its parameters, or about the company’s policies, etc. feel free to contact us on sales@purple-oval.co.uk or by phone on 01743 289400, and we will be glad to help.

If against all odds you find the arrived product inadequate in any ways, feel free to send it back to us in its original condition in 14 days of its purchase date, and we will exchange or refund it.

Purchase and Privacy

Purple Oval often surprises its customers with men’s shirts sales, so make sure you visit our site often for the latest discounts and special offers. We also keep any information collected during your purchases private, in accordance with to the operative legislation of the United Kingdom. For more information, visit our page on our privacy policy. (http://www.purple-oval.co.uk/privacy-policy/)

Delivery and shipping

In the UK and Ireland, we offer standard first class recorded delivery (2-4 days). Any order placed before 2PM is dispatched the same day and is likely to arrive as soon as the next day, unless that’s weekend or national holiday.We offer international shipping to a wide range of countries as well, listed when checking out your cart. If you can’t see the country of your residency on the list, please contact us on sales@purple-oval.co.uk or telephone +44 01743 289400 and we will find a solution. For detailed information, check out our delivery information page (http://www.purple-oval.co.uk/delivery-information/)

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