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Men’s jeans and trousers

According to many women, a man is the most virile when dressed only in a pair of jeans or trousers, fitting him ideally. Still, measuring up to the expectations of women is of course not the only important aspect, choosing the right trousers concerns comfort and confidence as well. Good trousers are so light and well-suited that you only realise you’re wearing them when you look in the mirror or when someone wants you to take them off. Also, unlike some parts of the clothing such as T-shirts, socks or sweaters for example, quality men’s trousers are extremely durable. A pair of jeans for example more often than not outlives the owner, but well-constructed trousers are also susceptible to be inherited by sons, even after decades of usage. Just imagine the first three pieces of clothing you would choose to bring with yourself to a deserted island – a rugged pair of jeans is most likely to be the first thing you would opt for.

The magic of men’s jeans

Have you heard the news that jeans have a chance of going out of fashion? Neither do we. Nearly since they were invented in the ninetieth century, jeans were always reliably stylish and no expert sees a chance of this trend declining. Why? Well, there is just nothing like them on the whole market in terms of longevity and looks, and there will not ever be as most of the goods tend to be less and less durable in our age.

You can trust the men’s jeans in our selection, they are made strictly by the most important rules of producing jeans: they are affordable, seemly, comfortable and incredibly durable.

Our men’s trousers

The days are luckily gone when trousers were only made of scraggy materials in dark-toned colours. Our selection provides our customers with pieces for every taste so that you have the chance to express your personality through and by them. No matter if you are easy-going and a joker or reserved and serious, you will most definitely find a style to match your demands.

About the brands

Carhartt: Flawless design, simplicity and affordability are the qualities that best describe the men’s trousers of this century-old brand.

Humor: A brand that didn’t forget that everyday life needs a bit of spice to be bearable, in the form of witty and joyful designs.

Farah: In the case of trousers, vintage nearly equals the contemporary trend and Farah is one of the brands to be thankful for this with their insanely creative products.

Junk De Luxe: Audaciously individualistic and distinguished, a true voucher for a sense of style.

One True Saxon: New British streetwear brand for young individuals and those who feel like one.

Pretty Green: Surprisingly cool and smart, Pretty Green has taken the clothing market by storm since its inception only a few years ago.

Lee: One of the first brands to produce quality men’s jeans for the working people, the authenticity of Lee is only comparable to the ruggedness of its products

Edwin: The style of the 21st century man, Edwin jeans are clean and straightforward from far, but actually quite revolutionary in their design when inspected properly.

Additional information

You still have questions? Please feel free to contact us on our e-mail address ( or by telephone on 01743 289400, and we will try our best to answer your most difficult questions. Be reminded that any product that you have received broken or that you’re not delighted with for some reason is refunded or exchanged if sent back within 14 days of its original purchase date.

Sales, delivery and shipping

Sales are a frequent on our website and men’s jeans and trousers are no exception. Make sure therefore that you return every now and then to see what news we have got for you. Remember that any product ordered before 2PM is likely to arrive to you on the next working day, and your delivery is recorded as well (UK and Ireland only). For international shipping, please check our detailed delivery information (

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