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The art of men’s jackets

A jacket is not only the most important clothing against the capricious weather, it is also the crown jewel of any real men’s garments. A good jacket is bought for nearly a lifetime and becomes one with the bearer, it’s enough to think about the famous men subject to the most austere weather conditions, like Roal Amundsen or Bear Grylls – they have both become famous in connection with their obligatory wear-and-tear resistant jackets. Make sure therefore that you don’t just go out and buy one, as you’re acquiring a partner and not an accessory - you should feel some kind of affection before deciding on one, much like when buying a new car or house. The wide range of our selection makes sure that everyone can find their ideal piece to get engaged with.

Our selection of men’s jackets

We offer over fifty type of men’s jackets from more than ten different brands that only have one common nominator: unquestionable and indestructible quality. Styles, colors and fabrics vary on a large scale so that even our most fastidious costumers will be able to find their "soulmates” for the years to come. From the delicate and stylishly clear-cut Original Penguin, through the rugged and undeviating Napapijri to Carhartt, who combines all these characteristics; the brands we offer our jackets from all represent some sort of authoritative, firm sense of style. Choose any of them and you can be sure that it will never go to ruin and will never go out of fashion either.

About the brands

Carhartt: Tradition, durability and comfort describes Carhartt the best, producing quality outdoor clothing since 1889.

Cro Jack: Manufacturer of sincere and demure clothing, Cro Jack embodies timelessness and elegance.

Farah: Famous for its vintage clothing, Farah came to prominence once again after with its colorful and jocose designs and fine fabrics.

Humor: As it is visible from its name, Humor is a brand that likes to transmit joy through its design in a particularly sophisticated way.

Junk De Luxe: The very definition of individuality, JDL produces men’s jackets for those with particularly distinguished sense of style.

Lee: A brand of unquestionable authenticity and heritage, Lee is the ideal clothing for the neat working men.

Napapijri: Producer of rugged, indestructible goods, inspired by the arctic explorers.

Original Penguin: Golf- and bowling-associated wear known for clean and straightforward designs.

Pretty Green: As clothing brand of Liam Gallagher, Pretty Green combines the rock’n’roll feeling with elegance and individuality.

Realm and Empire: Strongly influenced by the British history, this brand brings back the style of our grandfathers in cool and modern way.

One True Saxon: Finesse is the word comes to mind about the style of this fantastic upcoming new British brand, designed by ordinary guys for ordinary people.

Weekend Offender: One of the hottest new brands on the market, representing the style of the 21st century with aplomb.

Additional information

You still have questions? Please feel free to contact us on our e-mail address ( or by telephone on 01743 289400, and we will try our best to answer your most difficult questions. Be reminded that any product that you received broken or that you’re not delighted with is refunded or exchanged if sent back within 14 days of its original purchase date.

Sales, delivery and shipping

Special offers are frequent on our website and men’s jacket sales are no exception. Make sure therefore that you return every now and then to see what news we have for you. Remember that any product ordered before 2PM is likely to arrive to you on the next working day, and your delivery is recorded as well (UK and Ireland only). For international shipping, please check our detailed delivery information (

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