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How to choose men’s shoes?

Most men regard wearing their formal shoes as a necessity and have frequent dreams about wearing sneakers to workplaces. This is a sad consequence of choosing the wrong shoes and misunderstanding the concept of elegant men’s footwear. Comfortable office shoes do exist, just as stylish ones for pasttime, so you don’t have to bring a pair of sneakers with you to change after a meeting – it’s enough to pick wisely in the first place. Brogues, Oxfords and other conventional lace-ups are not the only possible footwear to be worn for formal occasions, wisely picked loafers or elegant boots for example represent reasonable and much more comfortable alternatives if chosen carefully.

The traditional expectations towards the colour of the men’s footwear are changing too. Black is of course a safe option as it will ever be, but different shades of gray (three or four is enough, no need for more for a gentleman), brown and some more interesting colors such as chestnut, copper or cadet-blue are all more than viable options if you want to express yourself a little more in a noble way. There’s no need to pay hundreds for a single pair of shoes either, maintaining and caring about your footwear is not only cheaper, but more classy and environmentally conscious as well.

Our men’s footwear selection

Our selection mainly consists of casual and semi-formal footwear. From hikers through sailors to people working in modern working environments can all find ones for their preference and taste. The looks might differ from shoe to shoe, but the same cannot be said about the convenience. Apparently a pair of Pointer plimsolls are as cushy as they get, but you will find even the most formal shoes and boots offered here comfortable enough to be worn for just walking down to the shop or going to the theme park.

Men’s shoes need caring too

There are two rules to keep if you want to keep your footwear sound. First, you have to apply a shoe tree every time you take your shoes off. More importantly, you have to use cream and wax every now and then so it looks brand new even after months, young even after years. The maintaining tools we offer are from Timberland, a well-known producer of durable boots, and the brand most proficient in the art of foot-conditioning. If you’re frustrated that you have to change your shoes every year or so, you should try them without a doubt. You will instantly feel the difference.

Additional information

Our staff is at your disposal to give you any further information you might require about our men’s footwear, just write to or call 01743 289400 and they will be happy to help you out.

Please be reminded that any men’s shoes that you didn’t find to your liking is refunded or exchanged if you send it back in 14 days of its purchase date. For more information on our returns policy, visit this page:

Delivery and shipping

Standard first class recorded delivery applies to any orders to the UK and Ireland, which usually means that your package will arrive in 2-4 days, but for orders placed early in the day, they can arrive as early as the next day.

We carry out shipping to many countries around the world as well, the list will be available when you’re finished with your shopping and checking out. Don’t panic if your country of residence is not on the list, just contact us on our international number (+44 01743 289400) or send an e-mail to our e-mail, mentioned above. Please also check our delivery information page (


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