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Napapijri Accessories

The greatness of Napapijri

Napapijri is a clothing characterised by numerous cultural influences. It was established by an Italian designer living in Aosta, near the French and the Swiss borders, who was inspired by the equipment of the some of the most famous arctic travelers such as Amundsen, Scott or Shackleton. The word Napapijri itself derives from the Finnish language, meaning "arctic circle”, but the brand uses the Norwegian flag as ornament on its clothes and accessories. The purpose of this multi-nationality is to underline that weather knows no borders and therefore neither should the apparel. A carefully and expertly crafted piece of clothing is as much of a lifesaver on the endless flat tundra of Siberia as it is on the highest plateaux of the Andes – on the opposite side of the world.

From its inception, Napapijri is a devoted supporter of the struggle against global warming and a committed adherent of sustainable development and the conservation of wildlife on the poles. Within this framework, it supports numerous organisations engaged in environmental consciousness and action, such as Le Cercle Polaire, La Venta and individual researchers like Sebastian Copeland and Fabio Pasini.

Napapijri accessories for winter

From its beginnings in the 90’s, Napapijri described itself as a ragged but aesthetic designer clothing for the people, and is currently one of the hottest new brands on the market. It has conquered Europe from Lisbon to Moscow and the signs of an overseas success are already showing. Determined by its no-nonsense approach concerning the quality of the fabrics the clothing is made of, and its desire to produce practical, affordable and unique apparel, Napapijri clothes invite the wearer to distant adventures and discoveries, but are just as fit to be worn on an average day on the treadmill of everyday life.

These bags, scarves, gloves and hats are selected carefully by our staff from the already high-quality collections of Napapijri’s men’s accessories, therefore making sure that only the most resistant and stylish apparel is offered here. Due to their timeless design and robust beauty, anything bought from this collection is likely to be an eternal investment, durable and trendy until the end of times.

Napapijri bags

For a man, a bag is all about expediency, and they don’t really care about the design besides refusing to buy especially tawdry ones. Choosing any of these bags will give you a trophy that is not only suitable for any kind of journey, but something that is stylish in its simplicity and that transmits an assured style. Men or women, old or young, up-to-date or conservative will all be delighted by your taste and will be astonished at how cheaply you acquired a bag of this quality.

Additional information

Please remember that our staff is at your disposal at all times if you have any sort of issues. Just get in touch on sales@purple-oval.co.uk or call 01743 289400 so that we can help you with your problems or questions, whatever they might be.

Note that you don’t have to be afraid that the piece you order might be flawed or unfitting, because if you return it to us in its original condition in two weeks, we are more than happy to refund it or exchange it to a more favourable one.

Also, make sure to return every other day as we frequently do sales and discounts in every category, including Napapijri accessories.

Delivery and shipping

Any order is sent by standard first class recorded delivery to the UK and Ireland, meaning that they will arrive in 2-4 days, but if you place your order before 2PM, your package can arrive on the very next working day.

Those who live abroad will be informed about the shipping costs and rules when you check your cart out. If you still have any issues concerning the delivery, please contact us on the e-mail address or telephone number indicated above (for international calls, please note that the code of the UK is +44). Also, make sure to take a look at our delivery information page (http://www.purple-oval.co.uk/delivery-information/)

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