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Men’s accessories

Even though the things we offer are carefully preselected so that only the best ones are obtainable, the depth of our men’s accessories selection is so endless it resembles the offerings of a whole market. Different seasons, just as different times of the day have their own necessities in terms of accessories - a good morning shave to feel neat, a nice scarf and hat to to feel warm, some cozy and trendy bags to travel with pride? Any of them you can find here, and much, much more.

Men’s bags

Men traditionally didn’t really care about the looks of their bags, they opted for the most expedient, practical ones. Luckily, the bags we offer from Napapijri and Carhartt are not only suitable for any kind of travel, but also really easy on the eyes. Whether you’re taking a week off to visit your cousin in Norfolk or going to Australia for a year, you will find the bag of your needs here, one that is not only spacious, but also stylish in its simplicity and astonishingly comfortable.

Men’s belts

A good belt is thoroughly underrated in its importance. Some people tend to think that belts only serve practical purposes, but if chosen carefully, it can become a jewel of the outfit, just as a tie or a brooch. The pieces we offer are made of the best quality leathers, so they are not only sightly but also serve the owner for years like a faithful attendant.

Men’s accessories for winter

There’s not many worse things in life than the cold winds piercing through the bones. Make sure you insure yourself with the softest and warmest scarves, gloves and hats so that no weather can take you by surprise. All of them consist of the best and most gracious fabrics while they have a certain timeless design that beseems a gentleman.

Men’s shaving equipment

In his lifetime, an average man will spend almost six months shaving. You can not only save time by using the right men’s accessories for shaving, but you can also improve your results substantially. Avoiding cuts, razor burns etc. is a very important aspect of being neat, so make sure you take enough care to choose the right tools to shave.


From boot maintaining equipment to snapback caps and argyle socks, we offer many men’s accessories most them do not like to go out shopping for. Acquire them from here and you will not only save yourself precious time, but you can reserve several pounds as well.

Additional information

If you have questions about our men’s accessories, please get in touch on sales@purple-oval.co.uk or by phone on 01743 289400, and our staff help you in anything within their capabilities. Also if for some reason the product that you received was inappropriate, we will exchange or refund it, just send it back to us in its original condition within two weeks.

Purchase and Privacy

Visit our site often if you don’t want to miss the huge sales we frequently surprise our customers with. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the data you disclose on our website is safe, we make sure to keep it private. For more information, visit our page on our privacy policy (http://www.purple-oval.co.uk/privacy-policy/).

Delivery and shipping

For the citizens living in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the delivery is made by standard first class, which is recorded and is completed within 2-4 days. If your order was made before 2PM, it is likely that your package will arrive on the next day unless its national holiday or weekend.

If you wish to order from abroad, follow the standard checking out procedure with your cart, as we ship to most of the countries in the world. But don’t worry if you don’t see your residence on the list – just contact our staff on sales@purple-oval.co.uk or telephone +44 01743 289400 to work out the problem. Also make sure to take a look a our delivery information page (http://www.purple-oval.co.uk/delivery-information/)

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