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Lee Clothing

Why should you opt for Lee clothing?

Lee was one of the first producer of modern labourer’s clothes when it was established in 1889, and ever since that it was known to produce rugged and resistant apparel. The authenticity of the brand is well illustrated by the fact that Lee was the top manufacturer of working clothes in the thirties in the United States, a country which just became the top economy of the world at that time. Since some decades, Lee got engaged in the production of leisure wear as well, all while keeping its traditional principle of stylish durability.

The brand is also keen to fulfil the responsibilities of a modern big company, it’s enough to mention the famous Lee National Denim Day for the fight against breast cancer. These single-day events and the foundation behind them has managed to raise over 50 million pounds for the cause while accumulating nearly a million supporters all around the world.

Traditional men’s clothing at its best

Either casual or formal, Lee clothing is a manly stylish choice. Although the traditional looks of the working men is ever-changing, the brand always managed to keep up with the latest trends, also transferring its principles through the storms of the decades. Nearly indestructible fabrics but surprising softness characterises their apparel, making it one of the most durable and pleasant clothes acquirable on the market.

Not many brands have Lee’s firm sense of style, and not many can transmit their values to their clothing so successfully. The brand’s strong pridefulness is not to be mistaken with arrogance, it derives from the experience of many generations, which makes Lee a safe choice for any man who feels that the jocose modern rigouts that sometimes appear on the streets are not worthy of a real man.

The brand for any occasion

Just take a look at our selection of Lee men’s clothing and you will see that – except for fancy black tie events – you can find garments for any sort of occasion. Don’t be one of those people who think modern women fall for feminine men. A self-conscious man in a shirt and jeans will always be the ne plus ultra for the members of the opposite sex, just as Lee clothing one of the best (if not the best) in producing this kind of apparel.

If you want to stay effortlessly stylish, to look assured and confident, to acquire clothes that last and stay in fashion for an eternity, just opt for the rugged men’s clothing of Lee and you will feel that at an affordable price you are given clothes of exceptional quality.

Additional information

If any questions came up concerning the men’s clothing we offer, please make sure you make contact with our staff on sales@purple-oval.co.uk or on the number 01743 289400. Don’t worry if the order that you have received is for some reason imperfect or wrong in size. If you send it back in 14 days’ time, we are happy to exchange it for a better-fitting one or to refund it, but please get in touch with our customer service first.

Purchase and shipping

Visiting a website often has its merits, since we hold sales of women’s dresses very often. Just place your order and the product will arrive to you as soon as possible. For UK and Ireland residents, every offer placed before 2PM will be dispatched the same day, which means that they will most likely arrive the very next one. Please also make sure to check our page on delivery and shipping (http://www.purple-oval.co.uk/delivery-information/) for more information, or just contact us in a way you feel the best suited for you.

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