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Edwin was first established in Japan in 1947, when a man known only as Mr Tsunemi tired of the poor quality imported Denim that was so common in the country. To combat this he strived to create unique jeans that were made with quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Utilising the letters D, E, N, I & M (reversing the M creating a W) he created the brand name ‘Edwin’.

A the company grew it began to innovate creating the now iconic “old wash” style which gave the jeans a worn and used look that is so sought after they also invented a technique that gives denim a stone washed look, this method is now used by denim manufacturers the world over to achieve the same look. These days the company and its designers continue to be at the forefront of innovation producing a wide range of looks, styles, fits and colours that suit all different kinds looks. Edwin are true pioneers in the fashion world and we a proud to stock a wide range of Edwin jeans and many other products in the Edwin clothing range.

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