We are thrilled at Purple Oval to have taken on board jackets from a great brand recently, AI Riders On The Storm, also known as AI Storm.

These jackets have emerged from designer Giovanni Chicco and all come with the striking feature of having full face covering with goggles. These are hi-tech duck down jackets are covered with 3 patents and are perfect for the winter months as they give maximum protection from the elements. We have three styles in our range starting from £205.00 for the Gilet, moving up to the hooded duck down jacket in dark navy and cobalt which are priced at £275.00. At the upper end of our range we have the reversible duck down jacket priced at £360.00 and the duck down jacket with removable hood and goggles which means it can be worn as a more formal jacket, this is on sale at £345.00.

All the jackets in this range are available with free UK delivery and don’t forget you can get 10% off all new collection items when you use the code “NewIn10” at the checkout.