To quote a phrase that was spoken long before it was uttered in a TV show: “Winter is coming.” We all know what that means: impromptu snowball fights, gritting vehicles everywhere, news cameras fixated on that one corner in Britain that is especially slippy this year and the most important thing ever: It’s going to get hella cold.

With every winter season comes a new line of winter jackets that are going to keep you warmer than a ski lodge in the Alps and make you look cooler than a frozen waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales. It can be hard to pick which one is going to get to hug your body for a good three-four months, which is why we’re here to give you a helping hand.

Here’s our pick of the five best jackets to keep your warm and stylish this year:

Numero Uno – Pretty Green Northway Down Puffa Jacket.

It might be a mouthful to say, but that’s where the downsides end. We’re all familiar with Pretty Green’s famous owner: Mr Gallagher, and his clothing line have produced another great piece of clothing. This stylish puffa style jacket has a faux fur hood to keep those cold demons away from you and is made from the finest feather down. This jacket is designed to make you look cool and keep you warm. What more do you want?

Numero Two – Ma.Strum Harrier Fill Field Jacket.

If your answer to wanting more was “more pockets” then you need look no further. One of our newest partners Ma.Strum have produced this sublime effort. The Harrier Fill Field is so freakin’ cool it’s hard to remember it’s a jacket. It’s made from a ripstop material with a tech foil backing, that means it’s made to be durable and keep all that toasty toasty heat in. It even comes with a neoprene mouth guard to keep your face warm in cold weather. Purrfick.

Number Three – Weekend Offender Jarvis Jacket.

The iconic Offender jacket has always been a must have item, and it’s only getting more prolific. The guys at Weekend have added a quilted layer to keep you insulated through the harsh winter season, and the outer layer is shower proof (don’t wear it in the shower though.)

Number Four – Carhartt Trapper Hooded Parka Coat.

Two names synonymous with good jackets: Carhartt and Parka. Whilst the latter is a style, the former do it justice. The Parka jacket will always stand the test of time, and Carhartt are making sure of that with this offering. With a water repellent fabric and Cordura elbow patches, you can scramble around in puddles for longer than normal (not advised.) The hood is lined with faux fur to keep your face warm. Definitely worth looking into.

Number Five- Luke 1977 Emersions Reversible Puffa Jacket.

Stylish and warm. The two things that come first on all jacket lists. This jacket from Luke has been given their highest rating of five for warmth. That’s really toasty. It’s windproof (if you throw it in the air it will still blow away,) shower resistant (already spoken to you about not showering with it on) and oh my days it’s proper warm. The material is a bonded nylon tonic, breathable and resistant. Marvellous.