First off, you are forgiven if you don’t already have one of these jackets. We’re all friends here, so let’s move past that and have no hard feelings, yeah? Napapijri have been making beautiful, technically excellent and comfortable jackets for about as long as we can remember.

The Skidoo and Winter Rainforest Jackets are exactly what you need in your life right now, especially with the weather becoming more and more of a dictator in what we have to wear nowadays. Here’s five reasons you need a Napapijri jacket in your life right now.

1) Have you seen how good they look?

This could be a stand alone reason by itself. The Skidoo is perhaps one of the most stylish and iconic jackets on the market right now, and the Winter Rainforest is right behind it. We can’t even begin to throw enough words at how good these jackets look: they speak for themselves.

2) They’re not figure discriminating

Ever gone into a shop, found the thing you love and instantly started to imagine and all the crazy things you can get up to whilst wearing but then… OH NO! It doesn’t fit around your shoulders or it hangs too much off of your frame and it’s just plain ruined everything? Fear not friends, these Napapijri jackets are an amazing fit. If you’ve got broad shoulders you can wear one, if you’ve got a raging six-pack you can wear one. Pick any situational figure… you can wear one.

3) They’ll last longer than pretty much everything else you have in your life

And they’ll never go out of style in the process. Durability isn’t a word normally used in fashion, so we’re just going to hint at it. That word I mentioned, these jackets have it in abundance. Seriously, unless you like throwing your jackets in a fire in sacrifice to the demi-gods of fashion then you’ll be hard pushed to watch these jackets slowly fade away at the seams. They also hold up in terms of time, they’re not going out of style anytime soon.

4) Not everyone has one

Napapijri don’t have a bandwagon for anyone to jump on, this isn’t a bad thing. You can be the one person who rocks up in one of these and causes a bandwagon to be formed. Y’know, if that’s what you want to do. Either way, there’s an air of exclusivity about Napapiriji, which just makes them that little bit more special when you decide/realise you need one.

5) These things are better made than the pyramids

That might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea, right? Seriously though, these jackets are extremely well made.Napapijri have always been genuine pioneers of technology engineering their apparel to the very limits of whats possible, you can see it when you pick any one of their Rainforrest or Skidoo jackets. Thanks to their obsession over technical quality, you can have faith that whether your stuck in a blizzard or a thunderstorm, its you covered.

To shop the full range of Napapijri Jackets or if you fancy taking a look at everything we stock you can view the whole Napapijri range here.