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Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Wow! Where did the year go? 2016 has flown by and like it or not, Christmas is right around the corner. Buying for men can be notoriously difficult. We’re partial to a few pairs of socks, but if you’ve already used that idea for a recent Christmas/birthday/anniversary, then we’ve got a few more things that will get the job one this Christmas!

So delve in and let us take the stress away! Merry Christmas!

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Napapijri: 5 Winter Essentials

The nights are drawing in and the mornings are getting seriously cold which means it’s time to pack away your summer shirts and think about wrapping up for winter.

Our friends at Napapijri know a thing or two about handling the cold in style. Those in the know are safe in the knowledge that Napapijri have their winter wardrobe covered but if you’ve been caught out in the cold, here are 5 essentials for the coming season. In Napapijri we trust.

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Five Reasons You Need a Napapijri Jacket in Your Life Right Now

First off, you are forgiven if you don’t already have one of these jackets. We’re all friends here, so let’s move past that and have no hard feelings, yeah? Napapijri have been making beautiful, technically excellent and comfortable jackets for about as long as we can remember.

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The Icon Napapijri Jackets

It is already that time of year again and as I look out of the window I can see that winter isn’t really that far away.  The squirrels are busy collecting their supplies for the winter, so that’s always a sure sign that we haven’t got long left and when the clocks go back it really does really start to feel wintery. However there is always something quite comforting about winter, the feeling of being all snug and cosy inside while it’s cold outside.  This casually brings me on to saying there is also something great about a putting on a quality outer wear piece and feeling warm and dry.  I like to think purchasing a winter jacket or coat is a bit of an investment piece really, its something that we tend to keep for a long time, I’m a believer of buy quality, buy once.

If there is any one brand that does quality outerwear and jackets it is Napapijri, they really do not need any introduction.  Napapijri have created iconic pieces like the Napapijri Skidoo jacket and Rainforest jacket which are ideal for the winter season.  The iconic over the head cagoule style jacket which was first created by Napapijri is worn over the head like a sweater, yet has the benefits of a full on technical jacket. The Napapijri skidoo is classically styled using state of the art fabrics, this makes the skidoo a superior jacket, you are ready to face the harsh elements yet it is still unbelievably lightweight.  The Napapijri Skidoo is exceptionally warm due to the unique blends of nylon and taped seams which ensure wind, rain or snow cannot get through. The skidoo also has a bunch of strategically placed adjustable bungee cords which guarantees a perfect fit.

Not forgetting the little brother of the Skidoo, the Rainforest jacket, so popular that Napapijri do a lightweight summer version, however the winter version has a fleeced lining, again for superior warmth. The functional features of the Skidoo also filter down to the Rainforest jacket, the Rainforest has a side zip which zips all the way up to the armpit and strategically placed bungee cords for a great fit.

The Napapijri Skidoo 14 and Rainforest 14 jackets come in a great range of colours, including the best selling timeless blue marine and black.  However it seems that you guys are getting a little more courageous with your colour choices and the brighter blues like the universe blue and royal blue have proved popular.

You can view our full range of Napapijri Jackets by clicking here.

Get Ready For Autumn with Lightweight Napapijri Jackets

Autumn can be a strange season when it comes to deciding what to wear, it can often be quite mild but it tend to also rain…a lot! Thankfully here at Purple Oval we are stocking a range of Napapijri lightweight jackets which are perfect for the autumn.

One of our favourite jackets in the Napapijri range is the Adingue range, we have these in a Delta Navy and Flua Apple Green colours, these are striking semi-transparent jackets are single layer and have armpit vents to allow air to circulate around the body, the Adingue jackets are currently in our sale range and are available for just £149.00.

Also in the Napapijri jackets range is the Rainforest jackets, although designed for the summer these jackets are also great for the autumn, these are pullover style jackets with a kangaroo style pocket with elasticated hood, waist and seams for extra protection in rough weather. The jacket is fully waterproof with Napapijri Dry Line technology which means water is transported off the jacket quickly and moisture from the wearer is absorbed into the fabric and evaporates away quickly using a unique air circulation technology which keeps the wearer cool and dry. The summer rainforest jacket is also in our sale and is priced at £89.00.

The New 2014 Napapijri winter Rainforest will also be due in soon, the winter rainforest is one of our best selling styles with a fleece liner and taped seams for extra water resistance.

Also in stock is the Napapijri Acreman Duck Down Gilet which goes perfectly with a woolly pullover such as the Napapijri Hanson or a cardigan and is great for the colder days of Autumn this is priced at £84.99 and comes with elasticated cords for added wind resistance.

You can see all the jackets in our range by clicking here, don’t forget we are still running our 10% off everything sale by using the code Summer10 at the checkout.

Napapijri Bags In Stock

As usual this year outdoor clothing brand Napapijri has supplied us with a huge and varied range of products, including jackets, shirts and t-shirts, however in this blog we will be highlighting some of the bags in the Napapijri collection. It is the bags what initially kicked of Napapijri‘s success due to the high quality and super durable materials used which now synonymous with the Napapijri brand.

As usual at Purple-Oval we have ensured we have a large range of colours and styles in stock for you to choose from, this includes bags from the Equator range which is complete with heavy duty zips, shoulder and hand straps. It is also shower proof which makes it perfect for frequent travellers and explorers alike.

Another style we have in the store this season is the Bering bag which has now become a staple within the collection. The Bering bag is a very durable bag with adjustable straps and a waxed finish, this year we are stocking a range of colours including plastic blue, marine blue, orient blue, old red and safari.

As now the holiday season on upon us there has never been a better time to invest in a high quality travel piece with great colours and styles to match.

You can see the whole range available in store by clicking here.

Right now at Purple Oval we are offering 10% off non-sale items if you enter the code”Summer10” at the checkout and free delivery on orders over £150. We also are currently running a summer sale where you can get up to 50% off selected items, please click here to visit our sale area.

Why We Love: Napapijri Clothing

Napapijri was created in the late 1980’s when French company Green Sport Monte Bianco started a project named Napapijri which is a Finnish word meaning the Artic Polar Circle. The project set out creating technically innovative multi-purpose backpacks and bags, the teams’ willingness to experiment with fabrics, styles and colours naturally led them into the clothing sector, where the innovation continued.

Today the company is still producing backpacks and bags which fit with the traveller mentality, they also create clothing which is perfect for everyday use in urban areas as well as items for extreme weathers, terrains and locations.

Here at Purple Oval we have a range of items in stock includcing bags, shorts, t-shirts, knitwear and jackets and coats which are Napapijri’s speciality, the jackets and coats we stock are suitable for all climatic conditions from cold winters to wet summers, were sure you’ll be able to find the perfect item from our range.

For a look at the Napapijri clothing collection at Purple Oval please click here.

Napapijri Autumn Winter 2013 Range

As our rather unexpectedly sunny and hot summer of 2013 slowly draws to a close in the UK, we are once again looking forward to the latest jacket offerings in this year’s Autumn / Winter range from Norwegian brand Napapijri.

As one of our most popular outdoor clothing brands, and renowned for their hard wearing endurance apparel, the jacket range is always a key player in our winter collection and becoming ever popular due to its combination of both trend setting style and everyday usability factor.

For those of you that don’t know, Napapijri began back in 1987, originating in Aosta, (a region in the Italian Alps). It originally focused on producing backpacks and bags; it wasn’t until a few yeas later that they diversified into producing jackets.

The brand has managed to see huge global success due to its unique ability to walk a line between producing clothing that’s not only fashionable and trendsetting but is also constructed with technical excellence. So you can expect to see people sporting Napapijri in both urban settings and on top of the pistes of Mont Blanc.

This year Napapijri’s Autumn /Winter 2013 range sees more diversification, now with fitted leather jackets, stylish casual gilets and chunky urban knitwear and cardigans joining the collection. However, rest assured that the classic offerings are still present with the popular fur-lined open skidoo and winter rainforest jacket still sure to be popular choices for keeping warm this winter.

Napapijri Bering Bag – A Brief History

Napapijri has been one of our most treasured brands since we started, when we first setup our high street boutique store based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire (Inocencia) it was one of the first brands we had out on our shop floor and after all these years its still one of our favourites, and also one of our most popular selling brands.

The Napapijri clothing range has always committed itself to excellence and innovation, producing apparel for the outdoors that pushes boundaries not only in style but also in technical brilliance. The numerous ways they engineer their clothing to not only endure the hardest of conditions, but also maintain their stylistic edge and everyday usability is something that we are continuously amazed by.

When the company first formed over 25 years ago they initially began solely producing backpacks and bags and to this day a staple of the range has always been the Napapijri Bering bags. We were intrigued by the history of this outdoor accessory and wanted to find out where it came from and how Napapijri’s approach makes their offerings truly unique.

The term ‘Bering Bag’ combines two elements, the first being the Bering Sea – a stretch of sea within the pacific ocean famous for its freezing weather conditions and treacherous conditions. And second the old tradition of a fisherman’s bag – The process of fishing dates back over forty thousand years and a fisherman’s bag has always been an essential piece of kit throughout the ages.

Napapijri’s range of bags go far beyond being specific to fishing, and although they do retain their heritage from the traditions of fisherman using hard-wearing duffel style bags, the bering bag range is equipped to deal with a new world of adverse and challenging environmental conditions.

The bering bag range is made up of high quality light-weight cotton canvas featuring sturdy carrying handles and zip fastening. All bering bags benefit from a spacious interior and come complete with a detachable caring strap. And of course, to ensure premium levels of durability all iterations are tested to extreme by the Napapijri expedition team.

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